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25G SFP28 AOC is a SFP28 connector for direct fiber optic cable assemblies that transmits data at 25Gb/s for short distances and provides a cost-effective way to connect between the rack and adjacent racks.
SFP28-25G-AOC series is an active optical fiber cable (AOC) for 25GB Ethernet (25GbE) applications. 25G SFP28 AOC cable provides an ideal alternative solution for SFP28 to connect directly to copper cable (DAC) and short-distance optical fiber of SFP28 transceiver. They are designed for high-speed, high-density and low-power data centers.


•  Single channel data transmission rate up to 25Gbit/s
•  Compliant with SFP+MSA&SFF-8432 Standards
•  Compliant with SFP+MSA and IEEE P802.3ba 10GBASE-SR4 standards
•  Hot plug electrical interface
•  Differential AC coupled high speed data interface
•  OM3/OM4 multimode fiber optic cable, 100 m transmission distance
•  850nm VCSEL array & PIN photo detector array
•  Support serial ID function through EEPROM
•  Low power consumption and 3.3V voltage, power<1W
•  Operating temperature ranges from 0 °C to +70 °C
•  Compliant with RoHS


•  10Gbs~25Gbs Ethernet
• .Data storage and communications industry
• .Server and data storage devices
•  Switch / router / HBA
•  Data center and in-rack connections


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