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High-density Mini SAS HD

The Mini SAS HD is a new generation of SAS high-density, high-speed IO interfaces that support 4-lane data transfer at 12Gbps per channel with a total interface transfer rate of at least 48Gbps. Supporting 6G and 12G SAS applications, miniaturized PCIE card can accommodate 4 interfaces, saving connection space.



Compliant with SFF-8644 and SAS 2.1 / SAS 3.0 standards
Enhanced EMI / EMC performance
Support serial ID function through EEPROM
Support for cable customization up to 7 meters
Cable sizes from 30AWG to 24AWG
Compliant with RoHS and halogen-free options


high-speed I/O network   
storage, rack-mount servers
HBAs , RAID switches


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